Preliminary Hydrogeologic Studies

aIf the Preliminary Hydrogeologic Study Section L of Component 2, Individual and Community Onlot Disposal of Sewage Planning Module is required for subdivision of your land, GeoServices can help. The study that we prepare will address nitrate loading to ground water and will be completed in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requirements for the Sewage Facilities Planning Module.

Minimum Lot Size Determination

GeoServices can determine the minimum lot size for your subdivision by completing a nitrate study. This study includes collection of water samples from wells in the vicinity of the proposed subdivision. The ground water samples will be analyzed for nitrate, fecal coliform, total coliform, and pH. The results of these laboratory analyses will be used to determine the background water quality for the nitrate loading calculation. Based on these calculations, minimum allowable lot sizes will be determined. Please contact GeoServices for your hydrogeologic assessment needs.

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