Routine site visits for data retrieval and analysis can be time consuming and expensive. That’s why, at GeoServices, we install telemetric devices at our project sites to provide remote access to up-to-date water quality, water level and production data from virtually anywhere that cell phone service is available. While telemetry used to be cost-effective only for larger projects with continuous data retrieval requirements, advancements have made remote monitoring significantly more affordable. This technology has the potential to produce cost savings for even the smallest of projects.

In the photo, GeoServices’ Justin Olszewski is setting up a telemetric device to collect daily water level readings from our client’s existing staff gages. As a result, both GeoServices and our client can access up-to-date gage levels from the comfort of our offices. What once took hours, now takes minutes.
The technology we use to collect the data we need is advancing at a dizzying pace. But at GeoServices, we continue to embrace innovative ideas and products to save our clients time, frustration, and money. For more information, or to find out the many other ways GeoServices can help you , give us a call today at 717-303-2660, or visit our website at

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