Ground Water Supply

GeoServices routinely locates and develops new ground water sources. The process of developing a new ground water supply source involves the following:

  • Well siting study
  • Ground water availability analysis
  • Aquifer testing and analysis
  • Water quality assessment
  • Permitting with the appropriate river basin commission (as needed) and with state regulatory agencies

Developing New Ground Water Supply Sources

GeoServices has been developing new ground water supply sources for more than 20 years. We have successfully located, drilled, tested, and permitted new water supply wells in a variety of geologic settings and have the experience to develop new ground water resources throughout the Northeast.

Developing Bedrock Wells

We have experience developing bedrock wells in sedimentary rocks, including carbonates, shales and sandstone, igneous and metamorphic rocks, as well as in unconsolidated alluvial or glacial materials. We are confident that we can meet your ground water supply needs.


Water Supply

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