Surface Water Supply

GeoServices’ scientists perform surface water evaluations to assess the sustainability of surface water withdrawals. This work has various applications, including the natural gas industry, public water suppliers, and golf courses, to name a few.

Safe Yield Assessment

GeoServices utilizes various technologies to assess critical stream flow parameters to determine the safe yield for surface water withdrawals. These parameters include the seven-day, ten-year low flow (Q7-10), the average daily flow (ADF or Qa), mean harmonic flow (Qh), and other low flow events. Additionally, surface water gaging stations, where available, may also be used to assess stream flow conditions and be used to predict the quantity of surface water available for withdrawal. GeoServices has also developed water resource optimization models to balance surface water withdrawals, ground water withdrawals, and reservoir storage to manage public water supplies.

Passby Flow Determination

GeoServices uses various methods to assess and determine appropriate passby flows that are protective of aquatic life. Passby flows may be determined through various methods, including use of the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (IFIM) and interaction with the Fish and Boat Commission.


Water Supply

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