Ground Water Protection

As development and urban sprawl continues to expand, ground water source protection becomes an issue of increasing importance. All new community, non-transient public water supply wells must have a Zone 1 wellhead protection area radius of 100 to 400 feet which is dependent on flow rate, open borehole length, and porosity of the aquifer. In developing any new well site, GeoServices’ personnel routinely consider Zone 1 wellhead protection areas.

Wellhead Protection Area Delineation

Beyond the Zone 1 wellhead protection area (WHPA), GeoServices’ geologists complete aquifer assessments to develop Zone 2 and Zone 3 wellhead protection areas. These delineations may be completed utilizing various methods, including the WHPA Code, WHAEM (Wellhead Analytical Element Model), Modflow, or volumetric flow equations. Which method is used depends on the hydrogeologic setting and the suitability of each method to the project’s needs.

Wellhead Protection Program

The information developed from the wellhead delineation may be incorporated into a Wellhead Protection Program, which is a voluntary program designed to protect the water resource through public participation, education, and prevention. GeoServices can aid in the development of such a program to help ensure the sustainability and reliability of water supply sources.


Water Supply

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