Well Rehabilitation

aThe condition of your water supply well is often overlooked, until a problem arises. Wells often lose efficiency over time, which lowers well yields, increases drawdown, decreases water quality, and may create reliability and yield concerns. Wells may become encrusted with mineral deposits, plugged by bacteria, or physically blocked by sediment. Well maintenance, while commonly overlooked, should be part of every water supplier’s routine work to ensure sustainable, reliable water supplies.

Well Yield Testing

GeoServices completes well yield testing to assess and predict when wells may need to be rehabilitated, and then develops a rehabilitation plan to increase water supplies.

Effectiveness of Well Rehabilitation

Once the well is rehabilitated, we can then assess the effectiveness of the well rehabilitation. This information is critical in understanding the potential lifespan of the well and when a new well may need to be drilled to replace a well that has been neglected.


Water Supply

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