Ground Water Availability Analysis

Whether you are a public water supplier, developer, or gas driller seeking frac water supplies, responsible, sustainable development of ground water resources requires the completion of a comprehensive ground water availability analysis. The ground water availability analysis is used at various stages of ground water supply development to assess the potential resource available for development and can be used to focus future work on areas with surplus ground water resources.

River Basin Commission and State Regulatory Requirements

River Basin Commissions such as the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) require that a ground water availability analysis be completed as a part of an Aquifer Testing Plan to ensure that sufficient ground water is available for development. Other state regulatory agencies also require that these basin analyses be completed to insure that ground water resources are developed responsibly and in a sustainable manner to minimize impacts to other users and habitat. GeoServices routinely completes both detailed and preliminary ground water availability analyses during ground water development projects.

Preliminary Ground Water Availability and Comprehensive Ground Water Availability

GeoServices completes preliminary ground water availability analyses to focus future studies in areas where sufficient ground water is available for development. These preliminary analyses are completed during well siting studies to either eliminate well sites or to rank sites higher, based on ground water availability. A comprehensive ground water availability analysis is completed to demonstrate to the appropriate regulatory agency that all of the significant water uses in the basin have been assessed and that sufficient water resources are present in the basin to satisfy the needs of all the users.


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