River Basin Commission (RBC) Permits

In the mid-Atlantic and northeast states, two river basin commissions are Federal Interstate Compact Commissions. These are the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC). These two RBCs have strong regulatory authority over allocation of water within the respective basins. Other RBCs, such as the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin (ICRP) and the Ohio River Basin Commission (ORBC), are active and although they currently lack strong regulatory authority, consideration of these RBCs must be included in any plans for major withdrawals within the respective basins. While both the SRBC and the DRBC have threshold withdrawals which trigger regulatory action, any water withdrawn for use in Marcellus Shale drilling activities requires a withdrawal allocation from the respective RBC (or Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in basins outside the Susquehanna and Delaware basins).

GeoServices has an excellent working relationship with the SRBC and our office is only minutes from the SRBC office in Harrisburg. We have prepared dozens of applications for the SRBC and DRBC and routinely represent clients before the Technical Support Commission Hearings of the SRBC.

Types of Permits and Plans

The list below is only a partial listing of permits and plans we have prepared on behalf of our municipal, natural gas, golf course, quarry, agricultural, commercial, and industrial clients.

  • Ground Water Withdrawal Applications
  • Surface Water Withdrawal Applications
  • Approval by Rule Applications
  • Consumptive Water Use Applications
  • Aquifer Testing Plans

    • Ground Water Availability Studies
    • Hydrogeologic Description
    • Monitoring Plan
  • Pass-by flow determinations
  • Aquifer testing waiver applications for existing sources
  • Property owner notifications, notifications to state and local governments, and newspaper of record

For a more complete understanding of how we can assist you with your permitting and water allocation needs, please contact us.

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