Dam Permits

Dam permits in Pennsylvania are issued by the Division of Dam Safety. Both on-stream and off-stream projects may need a dam permit depending on site conditions.

Dam Permit Project Criteria

To determine the need for a dam permit for a project, the following must be evaluated:

  • For in-stream structures, a permit is needed if
    • The drainage area exceeds 100 acres
    • The maximum depth of water is greater than 15 feet
    • The storage volume is greater than 50 acre-feet
  • A dam permit is also required for off-stream structures with depths greater than 15 feet and storage of more than 50 acre-feet
  • A dam permit is required for fluids or semi-fluids other than water that may result in pollution or danger to people or property if fluids escape.

While GeoServices does not complete dam design and construction, we have experience working through the permitting process for water supply projects that require additional storage, such as reservoir storage, frac water storage for natural gas drilling, or other lagoons and impoundments.

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