Regulatory Interface

GeoServices, Ltd. routinely represents the interests of our clients on a wide variety of regulatory issues. These services range from preparation of permits and assistance in negotiation with regulatory agencies to providing testimony in hearings and public meetings on local, statewide, and regional jurisdictions.

State Regulatory Agencies

In many cases, state regulatory agencies enforce not only laws of their respective states but also the requirements of Federal statutes. GeoServices’ professionals are experienced in interfacing with regulatory agencies in a number of jurisdictions including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, New York, Ohio and Maryland. Our work on behalf of our clients includes permit preparation and meeting with the agencies as needed to assure understanding of issues.

River Basin Commissions

For projects in the Susquehanna and Delaware River basins, use of water resources is governed by both the appropriate state agency and the respective River Basin Commission (RBC). GeoServices has more than 20 years experience working with the RBCs. The allocation of resources by the Commissions can be arduous, but GeoServices’ experience and expertise in obtaining allocation permits streamlines and eases the process. Whether you are obtaining a ground water withdrawal allocation, surface water withdrawal application, consumptive use application, or need water to support Marcellus natural gas drillers, GeoServices has an excellent working relationship with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) and is only minutes from their office in Harrisburg. Similarly, we have interfaced with the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) and can assist you in dealing with water allocation issues and permitting in either of the two basins.

Local Jurisdictions

GeoServices’ personnel have assisted in preparation of plans for local Planning Commissions and have presented plans and concepts before municipal authorities and local governments. We have also presented testimony in public meetings and in zoning hearings in numerous venues in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware.

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