Stray Gas Evaluation

For producers in the Marcellus Shale, the problem of stray gas migration from older gas wells and shallow gas-bearing formations is a growing concern. The concern is particularly evident in areas where there is heightened concern by property owners whose water supplies are dependant on ground water and where water supply wells may be vulnerable. GeoServices’ program of stray gas evaluation is designed to address regulatory requirements, and identify and characterize stray gases so that an impact can be properly characterized and the source of the gases determined. The evaluation is useful in mitigating problems associated with stray gas as well as providing baseline data and attribution should litigation arise as a result of a release. Elements of our stray gas evaluation services include:

  • Conduct historic review of gas migration incidents.
  • Identify predominant geologic features and fractures.
  • Develop 3-D site-specific conceptual model for stray gas migration.
  • Identify sampling locations to evaluate both vertical and horizontal distribution.
  • Identify parameters for testing and establish sampling protocol.
  • Measure combustible gas concentrations at wells and surrounding features
  • and collect samples.

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