Site Characterization

Before site remediation can begin, a thorough site characterization must be completed to determine the extent, magnitude, and chemistry of the contamination along with the physical setting of the site. Since every site is unique, GeoServices uses a phased approach to ensure that the necessary data is collected efficiently. We have been involved with many projects in which other consultants have collected massive quantities of data apparently without integrating the data to develop a useful conceptual model of the conditions and data requirements. The extensive experience and education possessed by GeoServices’ staff provides the necessary basis to effectively integrate varied types of data required by an effective site characterization.

Site Characterization Data Integration

The types of data and data integration techniques required for site characterization may include:

  • History of site operations
  • History of site releases and nearby releases
  • Geologic setting
  • Media impacted
  • Distribution of contaminants in the different media
  • Characteristics of the individual contaminants
  • Impacts of activities in the surrounding area, such as pumping wells
  • Pathways for contaminant migration
  • Pathways for exposure to contaminants
  • Development of a site conceptual model
  • Fate and transport modeling
  • Risk assessment

GeoServices has over twenty years of experience collecting these types of data and integrating them into a meaningful understanding of the site. We also have a great deal of experience integrating data collected by others both to complete projects and for litigation support.

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